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Reasons to Perform a Criminal Check on People

Hiring the wrong individual can be very costly to your business in terms of waste of resources, reputation damage, and a possible bad influence on your employees. However, when you carry out a criminal background check on people you are about to hire as your screening process, you will reduce the chances of hiring an individual having a troubling criminal past.

When you fail to carry out a comprehensive check when hiring or partnering with individuals, you can expose your company to problems. Fortunately, you can work with Inteliglance to get criminal background information and other personal information to avoid hiring or working with people with tainted history. Here are some of the important reasons why you need to carry out a criminal check on people.

To Protect Your Company, Clients, and Employees

You must have a clear understanding of the type of people you hire to protect your clients, company, and other employees. Some individuals seeking employment opportunities have criminal records that can cause lots of harm to your growth. For example, when you hire a violent individual without performing any background check and have one of your clients or employees assaulted, there are high chances you could be held liable. Performing a criminal background search will help in protecting your business, yourself, and your clients.

To Detect Personal Misrepresentation

to detect misrepresentationIt is not unheard of for some applicants to present false information on their curriculum vitae when applying for jobs. It can be very easy to hire an individual who is not suitable or unqualified when you do not perform a background check during the recruitment exercise.

Some common fraud areas include skills, qualifications, job titles, past employment, and responsibilities. They are some of the common areas that can get embellished since applicants never think their prospective employers will look into them. Fraud can affect the quality of your work and service delivery, which will negatively impact your employees and customers.

To Unravel Criminal History

to reveal a criminal pastFinding out if a prospective employee has a criminal history will greatly help your company and employees. For example, when you are looking for an individual to handle money, you want to get someone who will not steal the cash. You can only increase chances of getting such an individual by checking on their criminal convictions.

Carrying out a comprehensive criminal search will help you avoid any unsuitable hires that will turn, compromise the security, safety, and reputation of your business.…