How to Cheat at Scrabble

Scrabble is an excellent board game, enjoyed by young and old alike and ideal for brainstorming while having fun. Tools like the word unscrambler can provide a different playing experience. You can unscramble raccoon and other difficult words to create something new.

Like any game, you can come across an opponent whose fun side turns into hell. In a mom’s life, when you play with your children, they are bound to try to cheat at one point or another! To take them on the wrong foot, here are some of the best tips for cheating at scrabble.

Play the Bluff With Words

As pointed out above, there is nothing wrong with cheating to increase the odds in your favor. This is especially true if the cheating technique consists of using the game rules to one’s advantage. Much like in baseball, where teams can use false tactics to fool their opponents, and in poker, it is possible to bluff at the existence of a word during a game of scrabble.

Indeed, no rule prohibits inventing a word and playing with it. The trick is to pretend to then look for the definition and recite it as naturally as possible. So, at the slightest suspicion on the part of your comrades, you can use your smartphone to play the game. With a little training beforehand and remaining very natural, the job is done; there will be no one to question the authenticity of the words you have created.

Always Pick the Right Letters

If there’s one thing that gets on your nerves the most while playing scrabble, it’s drawing words that don’t allow any combination. Know that there is a trick thanks to which you will always attract the right letters and at the right time. But we will have to show finesse and discretion not to get caught.

You have to put the bag of letters on the table so that it remains ajar when you draw. The goal is to have the opportunity to glance mischievously in the bag to discern the letters you need to form winning words. However, it is not advisable to abuse this trick at the risk of getting caught.

Using Apps and Software

With the development of technology, there is nothing more normal than having your smartphone with you at all times today. So why not take the opportunity to make the most of the Internet in your favor? Indeed, there are many applications online to download to find good words easily. So and without your opponents realizing it, you can pretend to answer an urgent SMS. Then leave the messages app to go to Google or these specialized platforms.