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Reasons to Perform a Criminal Check on People

Hiring the wrong individual can be very costly to your business in terms of waste of resources, reputation damage, and a possible bad influence on your employees. However, when you carry out a criminal background check on people you are about to hire as your screening process, you will reduce the chances of hiring an individual having a troubling criminal past.

When you fail to carry out a comprehensive check when hiring or partnering with individuals, you can expose your company to problems. Fortunately, you can work with Inteliglance to get criminal background information and other personal information to avoid hiring or working with people with tainted history. Here are some of the important reasons why you need to carry out a criminal check on people.

To Protect Your Company, Clients, and Employees

You must have a clear understanding of the type of people you hire to protect your clients, company, and other employees. Some individuals seeking employment opportunities have criminal records that can cause lots of harm to your growth. For example, when you hire a violent individual without performing any background check and have one of your clients or employees assaulted, there are high chances you could be held liable. Performing a criminal background search will help in protecting your business, yourself, and your clients.

To Detect Personal Misrepresentation

to detect misrepresentationIt is not unheard of for some applicants to present false information on their curriculum vitae when applying for jobs. It can be very easy to hire an individual who is not suitable or unqualified when you do not perform a background check during the recruitment exercise.

Some common fraud areas include skills, qualifications, job titles, past employment, and responsibilities. They are some of the common areas that can get embellished since applicants never think their prospective employers will look into them. Fraud can affect the quality of your work and service delivery, which will negatively impact your employees and customers.

To Unravel Criminal History

to reveal a criminal pastFinding out if a prospective employee has a criminal history will greatly help your company and employees. For example, when you are looking for an individual to handle money, you want to get someone who will not steal the cash. You can only increase chances of getting such an individual by checking on their criminal convictions.

Carrying out a comprehensive criminal search will help you avoid any unsuitable hires that will turn, compromise the security, safety, and reputation of your business.…

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How to Buy the Best Dog Crates

A dog is one of the most treasured pets in a home. Most people prefer traveling with a dog for holiday vacations. Where a dog needs to be transported, a crate is the most friendly and cheap way to use. A crate can also be used for the training of dogs.

A crate can be used to train the dog on how to open and close doors. Buying the best crate for your dog is not an easy task. When it is your first experience in buying a dog’s crate, the experience is more confusing. One is not sure of what to look out for before deciding on what to buy. This is what to look out for the best dog crate reviews.

Material of the crate

A crate can be made of plastic, wire, and wood. The material of the item dictates the price, size, and portability. A wire crate is one that allows free air circulation in and out of the housing. It is best suited for separation of dogs. Separation can be for mating or training purpose. However, this housing is not suitable for the control of diseases. A plastic cage is suitable for the winters.

It prevents snow from hurting the pet. A plastic cage is very common in the home. It can be in the house. It is not bulky and can be used for the transportation of the pet. Wood crate is common in showrooms. They are purposely designed for pets that live in a specific area. They are bulky and expensive. They are very durable.

Safe for dog

The price of the crate

Crates come at different prices. This is dependent on many things but mainly the size and the material. A big cage will cost more than a smaller cage. Those that are made from wood and plastic are more expensive than those that are made from wire. Everyone what a housing that does not strain his budget. Overspending on a cage is not advisable. Always have a budget in mind.

The budget allocation should not be a fixed amount of money. It should be a range comprises the lowest price you want to pay and the highest price you can pay. Always be sure to buy from dealers that offers discount and after-sales services. Negotiate the price of the housing with the dealer. The total price should include the price of transporting the commodity from the shop to the place of use.

Warranty of the crate

last for lifeThe best assurance from the seller that a cage conforms to the minimum standard is by the issuance of a warranty. A warranty is an agreement between the two parties that if the commodity does not meet the expected performance the seller will be compensated. Compensation can be either by awarding of another product or by payment of damages. The warranty should cover a reasonable amount of time. As a general rule, the warranty should cover a period of 30 % of the expected lifetime of the product.…